July 2021


ALFASSA represents the manifestation of intentions of a set of reliable interlocutors with a high standing who have decided to mobilize to implement a new development model capable of building a new global, sustainable, peaceful and which considers this variable "economic"Not as a value but as a means to create value for man and the environment.

Sustainable Development

Bind economic development to sustainable development, through a development system whose assets must be the heritage of humanity, capable of providing eco-systemic services in relation to life support, environmental sustainability and social well-being.


Model of Government

Creating a new generation of aware and responsible people, through an ethical validation matrix that regulates the flow of information, capable of rebalancing the biological relationship between competition and cooperation that puts man and the environment at the center.

Economical progress

Increase economic development and employment, creating environments that are recognized by their identity, in order to exchange goods and services through cooperative credit and gross settlement systems in real time, including through complementary currencies.

Intellectual Capital

ALFASSA is therefore a synergistic and integrated system of Intangible Assets, understood as a composite and unitary system of intangible resources such as relations, knowledge, tools and applications of its Enabling Operators who have self-regulated according to the principle of sharing and multiplying value, which spreads throughout the world in the form of Intellectual Capital, it is constituted from: 

Relational Capital

 A set of interlocutors reliable and with a high standing operating within a protected and reliable market, in which it is possible to operate without any level of intermediation and without having predefined limits and boundaries

Human capital

A set of integrated knowledge of ethical, philosophical, scientific, humanistic, programmatic, economic and communication committees, capable of reverse the macroeconomic paradigm through Development Programs that target the future

Organizational capital

A set of tools, models, processes, procedures and software applications that constitute a System Development fully interoperable and decentralized to be able to generate value through a holistic and quantum approach of relationships and knowledge networks



Immagini Capitale Umano

    Ethics Committees


Reserach Committeess

Programmatic committees

Economic committees

Communication Committees

Homo Novus Foundation

Humanities Research Committee


Interdisciplinary MANAGER

A new professional figure who combines scientific skills with humanistic skills

Borgo Lizori, Umbria (PG)
From 10 to 12 September 2021  

A wonderful study holiday

The Castle of Borgo LIZORI, in Umbria, immersed in a breathtaking panorama in an atmosphere of other times, in an ancient triangular-shaped medieval castle where the past meets the future, in a magical place from which to start again for a new humanistic and renaissance project. 

The course includesa masterful alternation between classroom moments and practical exercises with convivial activities within Borgo Lizori 

The course includes six sessions with distance learning to facilitate the practical application of the concepts acquired at the Borgo

The course includes food at the "Il Gallo d’Oro" restaurant famous for its natural cuisine and accommodation in the medieval village 

The course includes a visit to Borgo Rasiglia and can be extended with Team Building courses at the "Ranch Gaucho" riding school and / or Rafting in Valnerina

The course includes the granting of the license to use ALFASSA's Intellectual Capital for the development of its strategic objectives

Philosophy Committee

A new model for a new company

Sunday 29 August at 6.30 pm
Live streaming on ALFATUBE, also visible on the YOUTUBE channel 

We will take a dip in the past to understand the events of the future, we will talk about how some historical facts have changed the course of events, we will analyze the geopolitical effects and the dynamics of power, we will talk about the criticalities of the great process of technological transformation and the importance of having an ethical governance, we will talk about this great collective awakening and how society will have to reorganize itself to restore democracy and definitively put a stop to the neoliberal oligarchy.

An extraordinary event in which the brilliant and creative minds who helped design ALFASSA share their experiences and visions.

Programmatic committees

Reversing the macroeconomic paradigm

An infallible way to revive villages and small municipalities

ALFASSA has become one of the main guides for finding solutions to a plurality of themes so as to redesign the cities of the future, smart cities intended as an environment that puts man and the environment back at the center. Our main feature is the application of processes and procedures that adapt the tools to the genius of the place inhabited and frequented by man, that is, to the natural and supernatural entity linked to the territory commonly known as the Genius Loci.

In particular, for territories made up of many small municipalities, solutions must be found to counter the depopulation of peripheral centers by starting development projects from below, as a process of resilience of territorial communities to make the inhabitants proud of the place in which they live, a factor decisive in that refusing the territory in which one lives very often is also the cause of psychosomatic illnesses, even serious ones.   

What we are able to offer today to small municipalities or historic villages , through our Territorial Development Participation Foundations, is an integrated package that includes an Association, in line with the recent provisions of the Third Sector Code, which will be able to access the ALFASSA Intellectual Capital to recreate the conditions for development and growth by enhancing its environmental and cultural heritage.

Introductory training courses

Fondazione Homo Novus


A new interdisciplinary professional figure that combines scientific and humanistic skills.


ESD Enterprise System Development

A new organizational and management model capable of transforming value chains into integrated service ecosystems.

Smart Cities Italy

SMART CITIES Strategic Planning Program

Checkmate in three steps, how to get out of the crisis by transforming it into a great development opportunity 

Fantastiche Dolomiti

Digital Transformation

Understanding, creating, evaluating, applying Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence in development processes   

Fantastiche Dolomiti

Fintech & digital currencies

The possible applications of virtual currencies and the credit, clearing and gross settlement platforms


Immagini Capitale Relazionale







Enabling Operators

Fantastiche Dolomiti


The FFD Foundation and the Leonardo da Vinci Institute propose the new professional figures of the ESD Enterprise System Development model

The Leonardo da Vinci vocational training center, the historic training institution of the city of Belluno, adheres to the Fantastic Dolomites Participation Foundation and with the support of Homo Novus Foundation present a call to train new professional figures associated with the new organizational and management model called ESD Enterprise System Development.

Throughout the training course, as a technological support at the service of the administration, teachers and students, a dedicated "SMART CAMPUS" technological platform will be used both for document management of support material and for any need for a usable video Conference possibly also for the FAD mode.

Smart Cities Italy

Territorial development association

The Smart Cities Italy Association together with its partner INGENERA proposes the new energy communities

The transition to more sustainable modes of production and consumption has become one of the great challenges of the contemporary world. The end of energy localism and the emergence of a company high-carbon they have determined international geopolitics and generated instability, inequality and social inequity.

By seizing the opportunities offered by new technologies, citizens around the world are already uniting to regain relevance in the energy sector, through direct and participatory actions that aim at building a more equitable and sustainable society. This trend is growing. In fact, in view of the reduction of carbon emissions in the electricity sector expected by 2050, it is estimated that 264 million citizens of the European Union will join the energy market as prosumer, generating up to 45% of the system's overall renewable electricity.

But what is meant by prosumer? Borrowed from English, the term is used to refer to the user who is not limited to the passive role of consumer (consumer), BUT ACTIVELY PARTICIPATES IN THE DIFFERENT PHASES OF THE PRODUCTION PROCESS (producer). In practice, the prosumer is someone who has his own energy production plant, of which he consumes a part. The remaining amount of energy can be fed into the network, exchanged with consumers physically close to the prosumer or even accumulated in a special system and therefore returned to the consumption units at the most appropriate time, therefore, the prosumer is an active player in the management of energy flows. , and can enjoy not only relative autonomy but also economic benefits.

Valle del Vigi

Territorial development association

The Valle del Vigi Association is born, a natural water park with an immense historical and cultural heritage that claims to be reborn with bottom-up development processes.

The Association, in line with the recent provisions of the Third Sector Code, not only was created to promote economic development by enhancing the immense environmental and cultural heritage of a still uncontaminated territory, but also aims to provide protection tools and services. to the local population, often victims of coercive policies, who intend to start new production activities based exclusively on criteria of environmental sustainability and social well-being.

The Valle del Vigi Association, thanks to the intellectual capital of ALFASSA with which it has been endowed, is able to make many projects sustainable from an economic and financial point of view. No financial contribution is required to access these services, but only the verification of certain reliability and complementarity criteria.

The Valle del Vigi Association is one of the pieces of a much broader project that intends to make a network with all the wonderful valleys of a territory that extends between the Marche and Umbria, so as to create a homogeneous and integrated context among all municipalities that are an integral part of it through a new Participation Foundation, whose spirit will be characterized by that vital energy that the territory has as a dowry of nature and which in the past, the Benedictine order, has used to spread its motto "Ora et labora”.


Immagini Capitale Organizzativo

Relationship Management System

Knowledge Management System

Enterprise System Development

Integrated Technology Platform

Cooperative Technology Platform

Advanced Technology Platform

Logo Alfassa Platform

ALFASSA Platform

Interoperable and decentralized development system

Telegram channel

Relationship Management System

To be always updated on future events, opportunities and activities of ALFASSA, you can subscribe to the Telegram channel through this link https://t.me/alfassa

It is a public channel where anyone can join, at the moment, not subject to the controls of the financial oligarchy, owner of WhatsApp, which, through its algorithms, tends to limit freedom of expression. Therefore, the information through the WhatsApp channel will be increasingly limited over time.

ESD Enterprise System Development

From value chains to integrated service ecosystems

The current organizational and management model known by the term ERP Enterprise Resource Planning to which applications such as CRM belong, it was created to enhance every single link in the production and distribution chain through the integration of all relevant business processes of a company. The great technological progress has made this model obsolete, as it forces companies to transform value chains into ecosystems of integrated services with high added value.

The new organizational and management model called ESD Enterprise System Development fully interprets this paradigm and offers the possibility to its Enabling Operators, through an advanced technological platform, to access an interoperable and decentralized infrastructure capable of generating value through networks of relationships and knowledge (ESD Cloud), and to use it, decentralizing it in White Label, to increase the competitiveness and specialization of each single link in the value chain by creating concentrated circles with other complementary partners (ESD Decentralizzato).   

Another big step forward to manage this great digital transformation process.

ATP Advanced Technology Platform

An advanced multimedia and editorial platform is underway

ALFATUBE is a web platform for publishing and sharing videos that arises from the active and proactive participation of a set of reliable interlocutors with a high standing that operates exclusively through ALFASSA, a completely interoperable and decentralized Development System capable of generating value through a holistic and quantum approach to relationships and knowledge networks.  

The application resides on decentralized servers in Italy at very high streaming and connection speeds with video quality up to 4k. The acquired data and relationships are therefore the assets of ALFASSA's Enabling Operators, which identifies itself with the desire to create a new development model for a new global, sustainable, peaceful and cooperative society.

Users are given the opportunity to upload audio, books, videos or music in various formats, they can import videos from other providers such as Youtube or Vimeo, you can create blogs, you can do direct streaming of 10 minutes.

The Enabling Operators, who bear the management and maintenance costs of the application, can have exclusive access to the possibility of opening channels for themselves and their supporters, to stream up to three hours, to promote products and services within the platform, and to become shareholders by transforming the costs incurred to launch the application into a great investment opportunity.

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